Hello there, I'm Jurvis. I am a developer based in the island nation of Singapore. I spend most of my time developing applications in Rails, Elixir, React, Node, and Swift (in no specific order). In 2013, I started Undertide to build websites and apps.

As part of my conscription, I now spend most of my time as a Signals Sergeant executing command information systems operations for the Singapore Armed Forces.

I take a lot of photos too!

This site is inspired by Tania Rascia and Paul Stamatiou.


  • Harmany

    Music Sharing Made Easy

    iOS, Design

    Harmany is a simple utility that allows you to share music with your friends without having to know which streaming service they use. Especially when you have a song you really want to share, making it as easy as possible to reach the play button is crucial.

    Just hit share from your music service of choice, and let Harmany take care of the rest.

  • Nebulo

    Beautiful Smog Reports

    iOS, Design

    Nebulo aims at creating a seamless and easy experience for people to check for the current air quality data. With just a tap, Nebulo puts smog advisory first so users can care less about the science and focus on how to react when air quality reaches unhealthy levels.

    Featured regionally and nationally, Nebulo is the top app in South East Asia for those looking to receive alerts and stay up to date with air quality.

  • FOSSAsia iOS

    Asia's largest open technology conference

    iOS, Design

    Designed with usability as a priority, I volunteered and led the design and open-source development of the companion iOS app for FOSSAsia 2016. The app allows to conference attendees to view more information about speakers, browse and bookmark available sessions, and set reminders for them.

  • ExhibitGuide

    Context-Aware Exhibition Experiences

    iOS, Design

    Created with the purpose of improving audio tours, ExhibitGuide uses proximity-based information gathered from Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacons to track a user's position within an exhibition and displays relevant exhibit data to the user’s phones.

    I was involved in the product design process and wrote the iOS app as an experiment for potential clients like the Singapore Art Science Museum.

Work Experience

  • Oromico

    Python, React


    Early-stage engineer building asset report-parsing software to make it easier for individuals to surface their individual financial positions and file taxes with ease.

  • UserTesting

    Rails, React, iOS

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Worked on tools for managers to measure team productivity, QA tools for automated regression testing for our mobile apps, as well as a bug tracking tool that helps the engineering department prioritise in tandem with our customer support team.

    I also contributed to the UserTesting Dashboard iOS app, the app testers use to take usability tests on our platform.

  • buUuk



    Created with the purpose of enhancing the feature of existing audio tour systems, I prototyped an app that uses proximity-based information gathered from Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacons to track a user's position within an exhibition and displays relevant metadata on their phones.

  • Carousell

    Python, Go, JavaScript


    Built an internal moderator tool for managing listings posted by users on the platform, as well as initial web functionality.


  • Singapore Computer Society Silver Medal and Prize
  • Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016 Scholarship Recipient
  • CodeXtremeApps 2014 Hackathon Finalist
  • AngelHack AppHack Fall 2013 Prize Winner