Windows Nein

There’s something Marco Arment said in his blog post a while back that went something like this:

It’s not that Microsoft is incapable of making radical changes. Not only was Windows 8 the most bold move they’ve made since Windows 95, but it wasn’t even bad. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. Microsoft truly innovated with the UI to a greater extent than we’ve ever seen from them.

Their customers, as usual, smacked them back into line.

I cannot agree any more with what he said in the above post. In the mobile and desktop sphere, Microsoft has tried it’s very best to innovate and try new things in order to advance, however it’s own customers seem to be the only thing holding them back from achieving any true progress.

Ironically too, consumers are (and will) continuously demand ‘new features’ and even more ‘fanciful things’ that makes things really hard for Microsoft (or any software company), whom usually gets punished by it’s users whenever they try something new. Possibly this explains the joke on how Microsoft makes a good and bad OS version in alternate cycles.

I’m sorry but this is very real and the only people to blame are those who complain.