Wrong Being Wrong

Josh Davis put up a fantastic post awhile back based on the video from Google I/O 2009 titled “The Myth of a Genius Programmer”:

I certainly don’t think that everyone has to “put themselves out there”. But I do think that if you do seek it out and challenge yourself to, that you will have meaningful experiences.

Being an introvert isn’t the best excuse, because ‘putting yourself out there’ is not a matter of personality, it’s a choice. And I am entirely convinced by doing that, it allows one to properly ground him/herself, by telling people what you want instead of just following the status quo.

I’ve missed a whole lot of opportunities to learn new things because I was afraid to share my voice, I cared too much about what people will think of me, and the root of all that, I was afraid I will be wrong being wrong. This blog is a manifestation of all that insecurity.