Taking Ownership

Sometimes we all like to think we are all at the mercy of circumstance; from our family backgrounds to our current state of mind.

I really disliked Secondary School, not because my teachers or my friends sucked or anything, but it was mostly because I couldn’t stand being at a place not doing what I love. In other words, I was bound by a system to command me to do what it wishes - you struggle, you “fail” in life.

At some point, more specifically near my final exams, which will forever “decide my fate”, I decided I just needed to get one thing right: take ownership. When you start taking ownership of your work, you start being proud of it, when you start being proud of it, you fall in love with it.

The smallest decision of taking control of your circumstance goes a long way in all you do.

Take control of things, and it will only end the way you want it.