ResearchKit and Apple Watch

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“oh god not again”

Millions of Apple Watch articles come out today, but I just wanted to quickly pen down my thoughts: especially from what I’ve seen with ResearchKit. I promise I’m not going to talk about: price, connectors, battery life, etc.


Back in September when the Apple Watch was announced, I expressed how excited I was for the possibilities of the Apple Watch to help influence the world of medicine. Today Apple announced ResearchKit — an *open source (yes, by Apple Inc.) *framework geared towards the purpose of making conducting medical research convenient.

We have handed out 60,000 of those [research] letters, those 60,000 letters have netted 305 women

Traditional medical research is usually conducted through the distribution of flyers/letters, with this new framework researches can now upscale their medical research by collecting more data easily with little or not effort.

The first apps out for ResearchKit so far cover the following: asthma, Parkinson’s disease, breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Apple Watch

Copyright Apple Inc.Copyright Apple Inc.

While ResearchKit isn’t isolated for the Apple Watch, it’s a sign of things to come. It’s a sign of Apple’s commitment to revolutionizing the medical space with wearables — one that many others in the industry will soon follow.

The Apple Watch is a device that sits directly on top of your skin, and in due time will be able to monitor and collect more and more data about your body. These advancements will allow doctors to conduct more accurate diagnosis, not based on data collected annually on your medical checkup or when you feel like there’s a problem; but instead, daily.

This, I feel, has tremendous potential to help save lives. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

Watch the ResearchKit promo: