I Need to Slow Down

Yes. We’ve all reached this point when trying to learn to many things at once. It gets so bad that you wind up not actually getting anything done. For me, I’ve been trying to do too many things:

  1. Write a Chrome extension for Nebulo
  2. Learn React.js + Webpack to do #1
  3. Pick up Golang again to start work on my next project
  4. Tinker and put up a sample project playing around with some iOS 9 features (specifically 3D Touch and Safari View Controller)
  5. Read Programming Abstractions in C++ by Eric S. Roberts (guiding text for Stanford CS106B)
  6. Finish the Algorithms course on Khan Academy
  7. Write the new app I’ve been thinking about for quite some time.
  8. Learn Functional Reactive Programming (with Scala/Haskell)

It’s usually healthy to be this ambitious but sitting here typing this made me realize that my attention is always split between these 8 (and likely more) things. What ends up happening is that I stop enjoying the learning process and just blaze through them just to get to the next one. The things I’ve achieved out of the list above is: 0.

While the round robin technique works for computers, I guess it just doesn’t work well with humans. Especially when it comes to learning.